How to Combat a Dark, Dusty Garage or WorkshopOnce upon a time, the garage was seen as the dark, dirty part of the house, where tools or storage boxes were piled, and you’d only go in there if you really need something. Not to mention the unexpected visitors (insects, spiders, and even on occasion toads and a snake!), the garage was certainly not a bright, inviting place for some. Sadly, for those people that hate going into the shed/garage because they just don’t know what’s in there or worried about what they are going to bring back on their feet, this space over time becomes dusty and forgotten.

These days, many people are seeing their garages in new light, transforming this extra space into a bright, usable, and clean room. The secret behind it is Epoxy Flake Flooring. NuLook Floors are specialists in professional epoxy flooring surfaces and can restore that dark, dirty concrete to its glory. NuLook provides a seamless coating system, from the grinding of the concrete, to removing excess dust with our professional vacuums, and then sealing and coating with our unique products of professional grade.

The transformed epoxy floor is easy to clean, does not harbour bacteria (no grout lines or cracks), and is moisture resistant. Tools can be stacked and easily seen, and the flooring is impact and abrasion resistant, allowing you to keep your lawn mower/ tractor in the garage without the worry of damaging the floor. Dropped tools also make minimal impact, and rest assured that any oil or petrol spills/ leaks can be easily wipe cleaned off.

The difference NuLook’s products make to a once dirty, dark room is incredible. Epoxy Flake Flooring completely transforms the entire space to something much more inviting, so it’s like having your very own showroom in your garage! The possibilities are endless and the Flake system adds character and beauty with 12 colour options to suit the style of your home. Uninvited visitors like insects will find it hard to hide themselves, making it a much more child-friendly space. The space is also great to host your next party, regardless of weather. Move your car out and your garage can be turned into a party place, and there’s certainly no need to stress about party drink spills!

Say Goodbye to a dark, dusty garage and get in touch with NuLook today to see how we can turn it into a bright, usable space.