Nulook Floors Professional vs DIYThinking of doing something with your tired and worn concrete floors? Before you start your DIY project on resurfacing your concrete with a DIY kit, read on to find out why it’s worth calling in the professionals. 

While DIY kits that promise a beautiful epoxy floor for a budget price can be rather tempting, you can run into various potential issues which means the finished floors will not be as long lasting or as visually attractive as you’d expect. 

A common issue with DIY epoxy flooring is premature peeling (sometimes as soon as several months). This is likely caused by poor preparation of the floor before application, such as the floor not being cleaned well, has cracks, oils, old paint, or dust, or the pores of the concrete are not properly exposed. 

Another problem is delamination of the epoxy. Moisture under the concrete can create pressure that causes the epoxy to separate and even take pieces of the concrete floor with it. What a nightmare! 

Even with a well profiled floor, you’ll also need to consider the appropriate equipment and careful preparation of the epoxy coating. Many low priced products are water based – which when applied, you’re not left with much of a substantial coating, some as thin as paper. The quality of the finished floor is substandard and will not be durable. Improper preparation of the epoxy will also cause air bubbles on the surface, or the floor may not harden or cure properly. 

Generic DIY epoxy products simply cannot compete with professional epoxy systems when you average the cost over the many years it’ll last. Here at NuLook, we use a revolutionary Nu-Flake flooring system that is extremely hard wearing, long lasting, and easy to maintain which makes it the ideal upgrade for your floors. 

As you can see, high quality epoxy flooring is quite a technical feat and not as simple as it seems. Save yourself the headache and hassles on a DIY floor that potentially will disappoint and even have reoccurring issues, and contact NuLook for an obligation free quote with our highly skilled technicians, who can explain in detail how we can professionally make your floors durable and truly amazing. Click here to get in touch with a representative near you today! Click here to get in touch with a representative near you today!